Saturday, June 4, 2011

Uniqlo on Taobao

uniqlo on taobao Uniqlo on Taobao  taobao international

I like Uniqlo, but this is a big yawn

I like Uniqlo only because I am not that into clothes. It is a great place to get basic stuff, and I buy from there pretty regularly even though nothing really fits me right.
For the past two weeks, my “Taobao” web alerts have been blowing up with the super boring news that Uniqlo has partnered with Taobao. Maybe I am just jaded from the time that I got way too excited by the completely lame Taobao-McDonald’s partnership.  Basically, Uniqlo just took their existing shop on Taobao Mall and gave it it’s own url:

Uniqlo on Taobao Mall (their old shop)

uniqlo on taobao mall Uniqlo on Taobao  taobao international

The totally brand new shop

uniqlo on uniqlocn Uniqlo on Taobao  taobao international

It’s exactly the same.

Lots of Taobao shops buy a seperate domain name and point it to their Taobao shop, like my friends at If you must know the whole story, the good folks at In2MarCom have just posted a more rational analysis of the Taobao-Uniqlo thing.
Is anybody out there buying Uniqlo stuff on Taobao?

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